Platform: GNU/Linux, Portable
       Language: C
       License: GPLv2
       Dependencies: None
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       Latest Stable Release: 1.0 (Download)
       Development Progress: (github)


MAC - 48-bit address media access control address
kerel - (verb, Romani language) To do, make, or produce

libmackerel is a library for doing string manipulations of MAC-48 addresses. It can create, obfuscate, and encode MAC addresses, and a bunch of other things I thought would be useful.


Looking in example.c should give you an idea of how libmackerel can be used, it shows essentially all the basic functions.

I've provided the header file necessary to build libmackerel into an object and use it like a "proper" library (see the example Makefile), but the lazy people (myself included) can just #include the libmackerel.c file into their program.


Current libmackerel functions:

mac_init ()
This is required to get libmackerel setup properly, use it before anything else.

mac_rand ()
This function creates a completely random MAC address.

mac_rand_half ()
Same as regular "rand" function, but only returns half the characters. Good for random OUI or device ID.

mac_verify (char* MAC)
Give this function a MAC address, and it will return a 0 if it's valid, and a 1 if it isn't. This function can be fooled maliciously, but should be good enough to weed out garbage.

mac_obfuscate (char* MAC)
This returns the MAC address with the device ID portion X'd out. (AA:BB:XX:XX)

mac_encode (char* MAC)
This performs a one-way CRC32 encoding on the MAC address. It will give you a completely unique ID for that device, but the ID cannot be reversed to get the original MAC back. This function is useful when you don't want to store the actual MAC addresses of devices, but want to be able to ID them in the future.

mac_get_oui (char* MAC)
This function will return the OUI segment of a given MAC address.

mac_get_hex (char* MAC)
Passing a MAC address in standard colon notation (AA:BB:CC:DD) will return the MAC with dash notation (AA-BB-CC-DD).

mac_get_vendor (char* MAC)
This function will return the name of the manufacturer for a given MAC using the IEEE database. To generate an up-to-date local copy of the database for libmackerel, use the included "" script.


Filename MD5 Size Date
libmackerel-1.0.tar.gz 16b5e8658864862962f83bc12f89ee92 12K 2013-03-27